JULY 2016 - JANUARY 2017

PSA Group 4 Developers #PG4D

Integrate PSA API and Win €5,000 Cash Prize


PSA Group has launched a set of innovation and incentive programs for developers.

 Your challenge is to: 

  • Utilise PSA's Connected Car API 
  • Integrate PSA's Rest API into your existing apps
  • Develop new applications for connected vehicles

Discover the new PSA Group API developer platform. The platform offers you the opportunity to get your projects noticed. By the end of November, a select few will be chosen to enter our acceleration program.

#PSG4 marks a truly innovative approach for the car industry. Startups and app publishers are invited to join the program and create the future applications for connected cars.

Jump in and change the way we drive. 

The Car & Wellbeing Season 1 was designed with the driver and developer in mind. This has is an amazing  opportunity to accelerate your existing applications or build brand new ones, while using PSA's connected car APIs. 

Season 1's focus is on personalising the mobility experience to reflect our customers' desires for health, happiness, and security.  The most viable projects will be selected to enter a 4-week incubator, in which participants receive world-class mentorship and technical support.

The Car & Wellbeing 

Health. Happiness. Safety.


The PSA Group for Developers

To take part in this challenge, your first stop should be PSA's developer platform. Here, you will discover:

  • PSA API documentation
  • PSA Rest API & its functionalities
  • Connected Car API & its 89 signals
  • Examples of API calls 
  • Instructions on how to activate your own car
  • Access to vehicle data 

The Car & Wellbeing Season 1 focuses on data pertaining to :

                         SAFETY                           MAINTENANCE            

                         CRASHES                       GEOLOCATION

                         ENVIRONMENT        LIGHTS

                         REFERENTIAL             ENGINE RUNNING

                         ECO-DRIVING            TRIPS


For the selected apps.

First prize = €5,000

Second prize = €3,000

Third prize = €2,000

And the chance for acceleration!

€5,000 Cash

Be supported and inspired by some of the best experts in the car industry.

Learn how to find the best mobility app ideas, streamline your developments, launch your app faster and meet customers more easily.

Mentoring & 

Technical Support

PSA Group IBM Bluemix® developer KIT

IBM Bluemix® Accounts

PSA Group Developer platform to recruit skills, expose our apps and access our experts.

Tool Box

Press coverage by our media partners allows you to gain exposure for your name and brand.

PSA Group API platform connects your projects to drivers, VCs, brands and partners.


Make your app visible to our brands, the industry, our partners, and our customers. Find resources and skills to develop your projects. Gain potential business opportunities, get noticed and meet VCs.


IBM Bluemix® Watson IoT

IBM is introducing its new accelerator program. Be among the first to be accelerated by IBM through joining our developer program.

Gain the chance to develop your app on IBM Blue Mix, and use IBM IoT Watson until the end of December.

Discover PSA Group Developer Kit for IBM Bluemix Watson IoT.

Crowdfunding and Acceleration for Digital Health Innovations

Wellfundr guides digital health start-ups in the strategic development of their projects from Ideation, Technology, Strategy, Funding & Business Transformation. Wellfundr provides a dedicated Digital Health crowdfunding platform for projects. 

Find out more...



Final demos & awards


Submit URL of your fully developed application

Submit 3 minute screencast/video explaining how your app works

4 Week PSA Accelerator

Benefit from expert coaching and 1-to-1 mentoring. 

Get the technical feedback you need to make your project stand out!


Begin to integrate the PSA API right away! Access the API HERE


Complete the registration form. 

Then send a short description and resumé of your app and team (link, project description, team members) to  



Get vocal

 Next in AR Innovation

When AI meets the car

Driving for happiness

The future is here with the development of new smart interactions and using voice alone.

Your phone is already a door to Augmented Reality. Soon, AR will change how you experience mobility, making your journeys more enjoyable, more exciting and safer for you and your passengers.

Your interactions will be more predictive, contextualised and prescriptive. AI and enhanced human interactions will make your life easier and more enjoyable.


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